Asian Solidarity Delegation to Quebec, Canada: Mission Aftermath: Further Developments 



Updated Jan 8, 2011
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  Jan 12: Final Report from the Asian Solidarity Delegation:

Report by the Asian Ban Asbestos Network

  Jan 8: Montreal Gazette article:

The continued sale of Quebec's asbestos is indefensible

  Jan 6: ANDEVA website article referencing important French source documents:

Québec. Les médecins veulent fermer la dernière mine d'amiante
in particular, see appeal by 50+ Quebec medical doctors:
Letter to Quebec College of Physicians

  Re Dec 15: Interest in the Asian initiative maintained in Canadian media: See:

Lettre - Les dangers de l'amiante

Amiante - Un devoir moral

L'avenir de l'amiante au Québec - Un débat s'impose

Dumping toxique

  Re Dec 16: Letter from the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (world experts in scientific and clinical research into mesothelioma) to Premier Jean Charest, appealing that the Quebec Government not finance the proposed new Jeffrey mine:

IMIG Letter to Charest

  Dec 16: The head of the consortium planning to buy the Jeffrey mine, Baljit Chadha, President of Balcorp Ltd., refused to meet the Solidarity delegation in Canada. Below are links to letters sent to him subsequently by Sugio Furuya on behalf of the Solidarity Delegation and Barry Castleman:

Solidarity Delegation letter to Chadha
Barry Castleman's letter

 Dec 10: CBC interview with Delegation member Omana George:

Omana George Radio Interview

 Dec 9: Letter to Prime Minister Cameron from the Asbestos Victims Support Groups' Forum UK and the Response from PM's Office

 (Jan 28, 2010) Particularly relevant to the Delegation's mission are the data and detailed arguments contained in the letter to Premier Charest referenced here (co-authored by Devra Davis and Sue Janse van Rensburg it was countersigned by 100 eminent public and occupational health professionals):

Letter to Charest from 100 International Health Professionals

 Dec 15: Nature Editorial headlined "Irresponsible policies could cause an epidemic of malignant lung disease:

Nature Editorial

 Dec 15: Press Release by Solidarity Delegation

Delegation Press Release

 Dec 15: Letter to Minister Gignac from Solidarity Delegation

Delegation Letter to Minister Gignac



December 16, 2010




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