Press Release: A Fox in the Hen House  



New Delhi, India: At an afternoon press conference on February 5, 2008, a new publication was launched entitled: A Fox in the Hen House: Made-to-Order Science and India's Asbestos Policy, which revealed a breathtaking attempt by the Government of India to hoodwink the Indian public and international agencies as to the true extent of the national asbestos hazard.

This 11-page dossier draws on extensive and detailed research by Madhumitta Dutta, from The Other Media, which includes numerous and frustrating attempts to obtain information from government departments. With painstaking effort, she has pieced together the odd facts that were disclosed to present a disturbing picture of government and industry collusion

This report has been endorsed by a coalition of groups including those representing occupational health activists, trade unionists and ban asbestos campaigners.

February 5, 2008



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