New Asbestos Initiatives in Asia 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



The Asian Ban Asbestos Network (A-BAN) which was launched in April 2009 at the Asian Asbestos Conference 2009 has already implemented a number of measures to raise awareness of the regional asbestos hazard. On September 21, 2009, an A-BAN meeting was held in the run-up to the annual meeting of the Asian Network for the Rights Of Occupational Accident Victims (ANROAV) which took place on September 22-24 in Phon Penh, Cambodia. A workshop on occupational lung diseases featured a presentation on asbestos-related illnesses by Professor Domyung Paek from Seoul.

A-BAN has produced a series of video clips on asbestos in several Asian languages which can be viewed online:1

Versions in other languages are in preparation.

October 6, 2009


1 http://www/
A version in English is at:



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