Occupational Disease Outreach Project in India 

by Mohit Gupta



The Rajasthan Majdoor Panchayat Sangh and the Occupational Health and Safety Association, Ahmedabad in collaboration with the Occupational Health and Safety Centre, Mumbai and the Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India held a two-day Diagnosis Camp in Rajasthan State in western India on June 19-20, 2014.


The medical camp was in Nithua, Udaipur and was organized to screen mine and quarry workers for cases of silicosis. Many of the people examined had worked in the stone quarries in and around the village. These quarries produce a soap stone which is crushed to make powder used in various industries. It has been established that the soap stoned mined at this location is contaminated with asbestos. This initiative was supported by the Global Greengrant Fund.

One hundred and seventy-four individuals were examined by the medical staff which included a nurse and a doctor assisted by a helper who carried out the following tests: lung function test, blood oxygen spirometry, blood pressure monitoring, X-ray examination and clinical examination for each individual.


Detailed occupational histories were recorded for each worker.


M V Prajapati from Occupational Health and Safety Association, Ahmedabad interviewing mine worker.

The test results are expected in mid-July 2014 but in the meantime, we believe that one of the individuals seen may be suffering from both silicosis and asbestosis; 16 others are believed to be suffering from silicosis.

July 3, 2014



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