Declaration By The Mayor Of Osasco 



At this important moment for our city, host of the Global Asbestos Congress - Past, Present and Future, held from 17-20th September, 2000, and:

Considering the discussions about the human health hazards of
Considering the results of the scientific research presented at this event;
Considering the reports made about practical acton and banning of
asbestos in other countries;
Considering the proposals and conclusions presented in this remarkable
Considering that asbestos represents a public health problem;

I inform the closing session of this Congress that:

I have asked the Legal Department and the Legislative Technical Advisory Department to prepare a statement for the Osasco City Council proposing legislation to ban the use of materials containing asbestos fibres of any type.

Such a ban will cover the public and private sectors and will be incorporated into the Local Construction Code, enforced by the Construction Secretary.

I also reiterate my position in favour of a worldwide asbestos ban.

I believe that the steps we are taking, although we can only act at a municipal level, will reinforce and consolidate the noble fight against asbestos, which has caused so much suffering to human health and the environment .

Osasco, September 20, 2000.

Silas Bortolosso




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