Useful Sources of Information 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



The website of the Asbestos Information Centre1, UK contains a list of asbestos products with the types of asbestos used and the dates of production; brief descriptions are also given. The information provided includes the following:

  • Artex contained 3.5% chrysotile and was produced up to 1984 and was a textured paint material

  • Asbestos paper contained 75-96% chrysotile and was produced from 1939-1977; it was "stamped into shapes engine components."

  • Doublesix contained 10-15% chrysotile, was produced from 1952-75 and was an asbestos cement profiled roofing sheet.

  • Pressure pipes produced between 1961-98 were asbestos-cement underground water pipes and were 12-15% chrysotile and amosite (between 1967-1969 some crocidolite was used).

The list is by no means comprehensive and it is on a site sponsored by a former asbestos producer, so care must be taken.

The website2 of the Angelo Bruno Business Library at the University of Alabama website has historical annual reports of 1900 American companies. Some time ago, I was asked for information on a New York company named: Flintkote3, thought to be an asbestos company. The majority of Flintkote’s annual reports covering the years 1950-1978 are available from this site. Unfortunately, library staff are no longer able to copy and post these reports. However, onsite visitors may make copies.

October 25, 2002




3 A description of a copy of the 1965 Flintkote Annual Report, which was offered for sale on eBay, said: "This is the 1965 annual report for the Flintkote Company (New York, New York) which, by then, still manufactured a lot of products containing asbestos and still mined asbestos in Robertsonville, Province of Quebec, Canada (The mine was closed in 1971)…. It also talks about the 7-week strike in the asbestos-cement plant at Ravenna, Ohio. This report says it (is) all about Flintkote operations and their products, which includes, among others, Flintite Asbestos Cement Pipe, Limestone, Lime and Calcium Carbonate Products, Asbestos Fibres, Flooring and Adhesive Products, Roofing, Flooring and insulation systems, Automotive Products, etc."



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