Publication of IBAS Report on Asian Asbestos Conference 2009 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



A monograph documenting Asia's fight-back against asbestos pollution is being officially launched in December (2009). During the course of asbestos meetings in New Delhi,1 Bangkok2 and Sao Paulo,3 ban asbestos activists Madhumita Dutta, Sanjiv Pandita, Sugio Furuya and Fernanda Giannasi will distribute copies of the monograph, which is a report focusing on the Asian Asbestos Conference 2009 (AAC 2009), held in Hong Kong.


Sugio Furuya launching the new report at Bangkok meeting

Advance copies have already been distributed and a web version of the report is available on this site.

Information presented at AAC 2009 confirmed that while ban asbestos activism has led to increasing restrictions and awareness of the asbestos hazard in some countries, elsewhere, the situation remains bleak. As asbestos consumption rises in some developing countries, some governments refuse to curtail commercial activities which exploit an acknowledged carcinogen. As a result of their neglect, millions of people receive hazardous exposures. Fortunately, some Asian communities are not only waking up to the risks posed by the continuing use of asbestos but also taking positive action.

The new IBAS report provides an opportunity to examine the wide range of material presented at the conference and relate discussions which took place on the nature of efforts to progress the campaign to eliminate asbestos-related diseases. Thanks to the detailed work of AAC 2009 speakers, knowledge of current conditions and emerging trends has been greatly improved.

The monograph is one of a series IBAS has produced documenting global asbestos issues.

November 20, 2009


1 At an asbestos workshop for community activists, health and safety campaigners, trade unionists, medical professionals and academics being held at the India International Centre in New Delhi on December 21, the new report will be launched by The Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India.

2 The second international seminar of the Asian Asbestos Initiative will take place from December 20-23, 2009 in Bangkok. On December 22, Sugio Furuya, one of the new report's co-publishers, will address the meeting. During his presentation on the role of NGOs in combating Asia's asbestos scandal, he will reference the report and make copies available to conference delegates who include representatives of the ILO, WHO, UN Environmental Programme as well as representatives of national Asian government, health and academic authorities.

3 Brazilian Engineer Fernanda Giannasi, who took part in the AAC 2009, will launch the report at a meeting of medical experts in Brazil in December; Ms. Giannasi is the leader of the virtual ban asbestos network of Latin America.



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