In Memory of Paul Logan Safchuck 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



The death on May 21, 2003 of Paul Logan Safchuck was mourned by family, colleagues, members of the White Lung Association (WLA) and asbestos sufferers around the world. Born in a coal mining community, Paul worked for Bethlehem Steel for nearly forty years. He was actively involved in projects which assisted sick children and injured workers. In 1982, he joined the White Lung Association; within two years he had risen to become its President, a post he was to occupy until his death. According to Jim Fite of the WLA:

Under Mr. Safchuck's leadership, the White Lung Association flourished and was active in providing education necessary to pass state and federal legislation to control and eliminate asbestos exposure. Mr. Safchuck was tireless in his efforts to educate the general public to the hazards of asbestos exposure. He was very active in protecting children from asbestos exposure and in keeping asbestos victims from being cheated of their compensation."

The work of this tireless campaigner was remembered during a ceremony in Sao Paulo, Brazil by fellow sufferers from the Brazilian Asbestos Victims Association: ABREA who observed one minute of silence at their monthly meeting on June 16 in memory of Mr Safchuck and four ABREA members who had also died from asbestos-related diseases in the last two weeks.

An ABREA spokeswoman said: "The sadness at the death of Mr. Safchuck is global; our solidarity with all asbestos victims and our indignation at the injustice they experience is also global."


July 10, 2003



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