Court Order on T&N Administrators 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



Solicitor Ruth Davies at the Halifax office of John Pickering and Partners has provided the first glimmer of hope in the bleak post-T&N/Fairchild depression by obtaining a court order that the administrators of T&N, Ltd. disclose information regarding the company’s insurance history. Davies represents Patricia Woodruff whose claim against Newall’s Insulation Company Ltd. is for the asbestos-related lung cancer death of her husband.

On 18th December, 2001, the Registrar of The Companies Court made an order that "the administrators prepare and supply to the applicants and the courts a report by the 23rd February, 2002 as to the company’s past insurance position and whether or not the claim of the applicant is covered by insurance. The joint administrators are to use their best endeavour to declare as far as they are permitted details of the retention relating to the Curzon Policy* and what criteria is required for this claim to be accepted by insurers if this insurance exists."

Another hearing is scheduled for 5 March , 2002.

* The Curzon Policy is a mysterious off-shore (Guernsey) insurance policy which was, allegedly, part of the T&N Group’s attempt to self-insure unit companies for some asbestos-related liabilities.


December 22, 2001



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