The Asbestos Relief Trust 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



The Asbestos Relief Trust (ART) was set up as a result of litigation against former asbestos mining companies which operated in South Africa. Companies including Gencor, Gefco, ACA, Msauli and Hanova Mining Ltd. contributed to a settlement agreement (2003) which distributes compensation to claimants who contracted asbestos-related diseases having been exposed to asbestos generated by the operations of these corporations. Compensation is paid for environmental as well as occupational exposures and to family members of those who have died from asbestos within the last 3 years. ART offices are located in Johannesburg, Kuruman, Msauli, Burgersfort, Danielskuil and Cape Town. People with asbestos-related diseases who worked at the Kuruman Cape Blue and Danielskuil Cape Blue asbestos mines can apply for compensation to the Kgalagadi Relief Trust by email to:

The most recent issue (July 2007) of the ART/KRT Newsletter contains a link to a sixty page ART report, Great Expectations: Expenditure Patterns and Assesement of Benefits of Asbestos Relief Trust Compensation Awards, which shows how the receipt of ART compensation has affected claimants' lives:

“For many, payments provided short-term relief from hunger. One third had settled their debts, while others had spent on furniture and household appliances. A quarter had bought transport – typically a donkey cart – for starting a small business. Housing education and investments in land or livestock were important objectives. Very few had made provision for future medical costs. While the monies were welcome most claimants remained extremely poor. Virtually all claimants had exhausted their one-off lump-sum compensation awards.”

July 17, 2007






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