Raising Asbestos Awareness in Indonesia 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



A package of information on asbestos was launched in Bandung, Indonesia to mark the occasion of Earth Day.


This initiative results from work undertaken by a group formed in 2010 to progress the Indonesian ban asbestos agenda.1 The individuals and groups which coalesced to form Indonesian Ban Asbestos Network (Ina-Ban) include health and safety activists, environmental campaigners, trade unionists and representatives from non-governmental organizations such as Local Initiatives on OSH Network, Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), the Federation of Construction, Informal and General Workers Union (FKUI-SBSI), the Sedane Information Institute, the MOTHER Foundation and Habitat for Humanity, Indonesia.

It is a credit to the efforts of Ina-Ban that in such a short time, the importance of the ban asbestos campaign has been recognized by the wider community with the result that the group was invited by the Indonesian environment forum to take part in the activities on April 17-22 2011. Ina-Ban is using this opportunity to exhibit photographs, distribute leaflets, publicize the asbestos hazard and encourage others to join the organization. Commenting on this week's developments, Ina-Ban activist M. Darisman said:

“Ina-Ban has consulted widely and researched the subject of asbestos so that we could clearly place the issues arising from our country's continuing use before our fellow citizens. In recent months we have prepared a range of information (see: Ina-Ban Flyers) and campaigning material (see: Posters) in Bahasa, our national language. This literature received positive feedback from people attending the Earth Day activities. We will now commence the distribution of information sheets, posters and advice nationwide. Ina-Ban will continue to work with partner organizations to achieve national regulations to minimize hazardous asbestos exposures and secure a prohibition of asbestos use."

In furtherance of Ina-Ban's goals to spread asbestos awareness, an Asbestos Media Competition is shortly to be announced for people aged 16-25. Plans are now being finalized and a detailed timetable drawn up with a view to inviting the submission of entries during the coming weeks. Prizes will be awarded later this year for the posters and photographs which are deemed the most effective for conveying the message that asbestos is a killer!

April 19, 2011


1 Kazan-Allen L. Asbestos Action in Indonesia. October 27, 2010



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