Text of House of Commons EDM 33 





57 signatures

Mr Michael Clapham

John Austin

Mr Harry Barnes

Mr Roy Beggs

Mr Harold Best

Peter Bottomley

Mr Russell Brown

Colin Burgon

Mr Ronnie Campbell

Mr Martin Caton

Mr Michael Connarty

Jeremy Corbyn

Tom Cox

Mrs Ann Cryer

John Cryer

Mr John Cummings

Valerie Davey

Mr Ian Davidson

Mr Terry Davis

Mr Andrew Dismore

Jim Dobbin

Jeff Ennis

Mr Bill Etherington

Paul Flynn

Mr George Galloway

Andrew George

Dr Ian Gibson

Mr Win Griffiths

Mr Mike Hancock

Mr Kelvin Hopkins

Mr Lindsay Hoyle

Dr Brian Iddon

Mr Eric Illsley

Lynne Jones

Mr Nigel Jones

Mr Peter Kilfoyle

Mr Terry Lewis

Alice Mahon

Rob Marris

Mr Jim Marshall

John McDonnell

Mr Kevin McNamara

Mr Alan Meale

Dr Doug Naysmith

Mr Gwyn Prosser

John Robertson

Mr Ernie Ross

Mr Dennis Skinner

Dr Phyllis Starkey

Ian Stewart

Mr Bill Tynan

Dr Rudi Vis

Joan Walley

Mr Dave Watts

Tony Worthington

Derek Wyatt

Richard Younger-Ross

That this House is most concerned to learn that the Asbestos Institute of Canada, an organisation that promotes the Canadian asbestos indutry that exports 99.5 per cent. of its production, should write to the Brazilian Minister of Labour alleging that anti-asbestos campaigners are motivated by a commercial interest in its substitution, and specifically denouncing the work of Fernando Giannasi, a Brazilian labour inspector who has given evidence world wide to trade unions and community groups campaigning for an asbestos ban.


This should of course read "Fernanda"



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