Italian Government takes Asbestos Safety and Care Concerns to EU – International Research Network Ahead? 

by Bernard Murphy



The Italian government is calling for the creation of an EU-wide network of asbestos-related disease (ARD) centres of excellence.

The idea was discussed privately between Italian health minister Renato Balduzzi and the EU commissioner for health John Dalli on 24 April, during this week's summit of EU health ministers in Horsens, Denmark. But the conversation is now set to result in a formal proposal at European Commission and EU member state level, according to the Italian health ministry.

Professor Balduzzi is said to have described to Mr Dalli the problems of asbestos safety and unmet ARD care needs in Italy and internationally as being a priority issue.

These needs should be addressed through an international network of centres of excellence, and initiatives in this regard could be instituted through the transnational healthcare directive, he is said to have proposed.

Following the “long, constructive” meeting, EU commissioner Dalli is said to have pledged his full support for Professor Balduzzi's ideas. Mr Dalli urged him to submit a formal proposal, pledging to make every effort to bring it to the attention of the European Commission and member states, according to the Italian health ministry.

Bernard Murphy
International markets and investigations editor,
Clinica Medtech Intelligence

24 April 2012.



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