Substitutes for Asbestos-Cement Construction Products 

by Barry Castleman



Updated October 8, 2009

Substitutes for these asbestos products are not limited to products that simply replace asbestos with another material (e.g., PVA and cellulose in fiber-cement roofing sheet). There are also a number of wholly different products that can replace the asbestos products. A number of substitutes for asbestos-cement products are included in the following table.

Asbestos ProductSubstitute Products
Corrugated Roofing
Fiber-cement roofing using: synthetic fibers (polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene) and vegetable/cellulose fibers (softwood kraft pulp, bamboo, sisal, coir, rattan shavings and tobacco stalks, etc.); with optional silica fume, flyash, or rice husk ash
Microconcrete (Parry) tiles
Galvanized metal sheets
Clay tiles
Vegetable fibers in asphalt
Coated metal tiles (Harveytile)
Aluminum roof tiles (Dekra Tile)
Extruded uPVC roofing sheets
Recycled polypropylene and high-density polyethylene and crushed stone (Worldroof)
Plastic coated aluminum
Plastic coated galvanized steel.
Asbestos-Cement Flat Sheet (ceilings, facades, partitions) Fiber-cement using vegetable/cellulose fibers (see above), wastepaper, optionally synthetic fibers
Gypsum ceiling boards (BHP Gypsum)
Polystyrene ceilings, cornices, and partitions
Façade applications in polystyrene structural walls (coated with plaster)
Aluminum cladding (Alucabond)
Galvanized frame with plaster-board or calcium silicate board facing
Softwood frame with plasterboard or calcium silicate board facing.
Asbestos-Cement Pipe High Pressure:
Cast iron and ductile iron pipe
High-density polyethylene pipe
Polyvinyl chloride pipe
Steel-reinforced concrete pipe (large sizes)
Glass-reinforced polyester pipe
Low Pressure:
Cellulose-cement pipe
Cellulose/PVA fiber-cement pipe
Clay pipe
Glass-reinforced polyester pipe
Steel-reinforced concrete pipe (large diameter drainage)
Asbestos-Cement Water Storage Tanks Cellulose-cement
Galvanized iron
PVA-cellulose fiber-cement
Asbestos-Cement Rainwater Gutters; Open Drains (Mining Industry) Galvanized iron
Hand-molded cellulose-cement

I have started to gather information on purveyors of asbestos product substitutes and am pleased to share with you what I have so far.

Global Suppliers of Alternative Products – Non-Asbestos


Everite Group, South Africa – fiber-cement flat sheet and roofing.

Etex Group, Belgium – fiber-cement roofing, boards, siding; affiliates worldwide.

Parry Associates, UK – microconcrete roofing; design and engineering firm that has worked with local and international clients in 80 countries.

Worldroof, Belgium – recycled polypropylene and high-density polyethylene and crushed stone.

Kuraray, Japan – manufacturer of PVA fiber used to make fiber-cement by companies in countries including Ukraine, Nigeria, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

Unitika, Japan – manufacturer of PVA fiber used in fiber-cement.

Domtar Paper Co., US – wood products company developing fiber-cement markets using wood pulp. Contact:

Fiber Cement Forum, Norway – expanding markets for use of waste materials silica fume, flyash, and rice husk ash in fiber-cement products. Contact:

Saint-Gobain, France – developing fiber-cement products using polypropylene and cellulose for use in Brazil, India, etc. Contact in Brazil: João Carlos Duarte Paes

FCM Bell, Switerland – supplies machines for making flat and corrugated fiber-cement sheets.

Wehrhahn, Germany – supplies machinery and plants for making fiber-cement roofing and sheets.

Sichuan, China vinylon plant (SVW)

Anhui, China chaohu PVA plant (Wanwei)

Fujian, China PVA plant (Fuwei)

Lan Zhou, China PVA plant (Lanwei)

Building Materials & Technology PTY LTD – consultants for cellulose fiber-cement.



Cembrit Group, Denmark – fiber-cement flat sheets and corrugated roofing made in Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Italy, Hungary. Henning Thygesen

Eternit, Switzerland – fiber-cement sheet and other products.

SocietÓ Italiana Lastra, Italy – fiber-cement sheet.

Landidi, Italy – fiber-cement roofing and ducts.



Atermit, Turkey – fiber-cement sheets.



Brasilit – polypropylene and cellulose fiber-cement roofing.

Infibra – fiber-cement roofing.

Engeplas + Ecotop – recycling dental tubes plastics + aluminum. (vegetable fiber + asphalt/betume). (vegetable fiber + asphalt). (recycling paper + asphalt)...this is a cooperative of poor people inclusion program. (long life packs – milk box recycling). (ceramic tiles).



UAC Berhad – Siding, interior boards, ceiling panels.

Hume Cemboard – Siding, interior boards, ceiling panels.

TAIWAN: (ceiling and interior boards, siding)


Taisyou International Business Col, Ltd.

L.H. Fortune Co., Ltd.

Wellpool Co., Ltd.




Kumgang Korea Chemical Co., Ltd.






James Hardie

CSR Fibre Cement

PHILIPPINES (fiber-cement manufacturers)


James Hardie

Aptech Manufacturing Corp., Angeles and Pampanga, plantation wood/rattan wastes

Fabricemtech, Lucena and Quezon, plantation wood and bagasse

GC Enterprises, Zamboanga, yemane and palo verde

San Nicolas Multipurpose Coop., Candon and Ilocos Sur, giant ipil-ipil and tobacco stalks

R-II Builders, National Capital Region, plantation wood

Cemboard Systems Inc., Lipa and Batangas, yemane

Phela Resources, Genaral Samtos City, yemane

Boalan Agri-Resources, Zamboanga del Sur, yemane and palo verde

Cruzayco Corp., Kambankalan, Negros Occ., yemane

Cagayan Wood Works Manufacturing Corp., Solana and Cagayan, yemane

Caraga Women's Cooperative, Butuan City, yemane and rattan waste

Earn Corporation, Bay and Laguna, yemane

Villarica Forest Products, Samal Island and Daval, yemane

Zementboard Cooperative, Korondal and South Cotabato, yemane

Versaboard Enterprises, Angeles and Pampanga, bagasse

Alenter Cane Corp., Cebu, rattan wastes

Lemon Products Int'l./Victorians Marketing, Imus and Cavite, rattan wastes

Reference: The Wood Wool Cement Board Industry in the Philippines:


Mahaphant – fiber-cement roofing and sheet.

Diamond Roofing Tiles.

Siam-Fibre Cement – fiber-cement roofing and sheets.

Conwood –


April 8, 2008; updated October 8, 2009



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