Asbestos Reality


When it comes to describing the current conditions in which asbestos is used in countries all over the world, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. This being so, then a video is probably worth a million. Online videos from major asbestos-consuming countries are rare but the ones listed below reveal the truth about the inhumane conditions in which asbestos is being used.

Video clips which have recently become available show the asbestos reality in Iran, a country which used a total of 102,232 tonnes of asbestos in the period 2007-2009.

  • Video Clip 1: Cutting asbestos-cement roofing sheets with a power saw in a rural area in the North of Iran in October 2010;
  • Video Clip 2: Tipping raw asbestos into a hopper at a factory producing asbestos-containing brake and clutch materials, Iran 2008;
  • Video Clip 3: Processing of raw asbestos fiber at this factory;
  • Video Clip 4: Shovelling up asbestos debris from the factory floor.

Other videos referenced elsewhere on this site illustrating asbestos misuse in India include the following:

November 5, 2010



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