Video Downloads: Experts Speak Out 




The following videos (uploaded July 8, 2013) represent the first examples in what is hoped to be an ongoing series of interviews with respected scientists on the subject of asbestos. They are available for download as mp4 files, and may be of value in countering currrent asbestos industry propaganda. Previews are also available for viewing in your browser but to conserve our bandwidth we ask users to use the download option where possible; particularly, if a video is to be viewed repeatedly.1


1 – Introduction of the speakers Download Preview
2 – Asbestos is a criminal industry Download Preview
3 – Asbestos cannot be used safely Download Preview
4 – Beware the motives of people who support asbestos Download Preview
5 – Asians are not immune to the cancers caused by asbestos Download Preview
6 – We must take action Download Preview
7 – All forms of asbestos cause cancer Download Preview
8 – The evidence against asbestos is conclusive Download Preview
9 – Scientists are unanimous that asbestos causes cancer Download Preview
10 – Scientists are unanimous that asbestos must be banned Download Preview
11 – Compilation: introduction + clips 2 to 6 (11.1 min; 29.6MB) Download
12 – Compilation: introduction + clips 7 to 10 (9.1 min; 24.2MB) Download

Uploaded February 11, 2014:

13 – Interview with Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Dir. Pub. Health & Env. Download Preview


1 Because of the number of videos on this page, preload has been turned off; consequently, there may be a short delay before a chosen video is ready to play in the preview pane. There is no need to close this pane before playing another video (the close button is primarily there to stop further download of content if it is not required and would be of most use when large files or slow internet connections are involved – since download usually continues even when the video is paused).
All the mp4 videos available for download (i.e. for saving to a user's hard drive) have internal dimensions set to 640x360 pixels, but they can be played at any size, provided the correct aspect ratio is maintained.



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