Note on Navigation

The original CD of the Annals from which this uploaded version is derived contained only PDF files; these files contained many interconnected links to bookmarks within the various documents, particularly back to the Table of Contents. In view of the fact that there is no uniformity of implementation of such links among different browsers, we decided to make the Table of Contents an HTML document, to which links to named locations are universally recognized, including from PDF documents.

For the remaining links (from PDF to PDF) – which are few in number – we could only rely on being able to link to the top of a particular page. This has resulted in a few instances where returning exactly to a previous location requires a short scroll; however, there are very few cases where the desired location is off-screen. Where a link is near the bottom of a page, the backlink we provide will return to the top of the page following the original link – unless, of course, that link was on the last page of a document – to reduce the need for excessive scrolling.

P.S. While the use of the browser's "back arrow" works very well for HTML documents, when used for returning to a PDF document it will often return the user to the top of the target document – far from what is desired if the document is of appreciable length.

Contact Details

Any contact details supplied by authors in presentations and papers included in the Annals should generally be ignored. They originate 20 years ago and most will no longer apply, particularly email addresses.