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Eternit and the Great Asbestos Trial*

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Section I     [0.56MB Direct Download]

Romana Blasotti Pavesi
Laurie Kazan-Allen

Section II. Asbestos Dynasties – the Eternit Multinationals     [0.76MB Direct Download]

  1. Eternit and the SAIAC Cartel
    Bob Ruers
  2. The Schmidheiny Family Imperium
    Adrian Knoepfli
  3. Asbestos Magnate or Environmental Guru: The Trials of Stephan Schmidheiny
    Daniel M. Berman
  4. What Eternit Is Now
    Adrian Knoepfli

Section III. Eternit in Italy: the Great Asbestos Trial in Turin     [1.68MB Direct Download]

  1. The Eternit Factory at Casale Monferrato
    Fabrizio Meni
  2. Asbestos Activism in Casale Monferrato
    Romana Blasotti Pavesi, Bruno Pesce, Nicola Pondrano
  3. A Trial with Far-reaching Implications
    Laurent Vogel
  4. Interview with Prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello
    Niccolò Bruna and Andrea Prandstraller
  5. Dispensing Justice to Eternit's Victims: the Franco-Italian Experience
    Annie Thébaud-Mony
    Appendix: The Civil Suit within the Criminal Trial in Italy
    Sergio Bonetto
  6. The Criminal Trial of Stephan Schmidheiny in Turin, Italy
    Barry Castleman
  7. Eternit vs. The Victims
    Laurie Kazan-Allen
  8. The Making of the Documentary Film: DUST: The Great Asbestos Trial
    Niccolò Bruna and Andrea Prandstraller

Section IV. National Perspectives     [2.00MB Direct Download]

  1. Eternit in Brazil
    Fernanda Giannasi
  2. Eternit and the “Double Agony” of Asbestos Victims in the Netherlands
    Bob Ruers
  3. Eternit in France
    Marc Hindry
  4. Belgian Family Wins Historic Court Case against Eternit
    Yvonne Waterman
  5. Eternit in Denmark 1928-1986
    Kurt Jacobson
  6. Eternit Activity and Emerging Victims: Japanese Case
    Takehiko Murayama and Satomi Ushijima

Laurie Kazan-Allen


Post-Publication Developments (uploaded February 18, 2014)
Laurie Kazan-Allen

* Published by:
The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS)
The Building and Woodworkers International, Switzerland
The Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong
The European Trade Union Institute, Belgium
The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, Belgium
The Association of Families and Asbestos Victims of Casale Monferrato (AfeVA)
The Belgian Association for the Defense of Asbestos Victims (ABEVA)
The Brazilian Association of Asbestos Victims (ABREA)
The Federation of Building, Construction andWood-workers’ Unions, Denmark
The United Federation of Danish Workers
The Danish Union of Plumbers and AlliedWorkers
The National Association for the Defense of Asbestos Victims, France (ANDEVA)
Ban Asbestos France
The Henri Pezerat Association: Health, Work and the Environment, France
The (Swiss) Committee for the Support and Assistance of Asbestos Victims (CAOVA)
The Ban Asbestos Network Japan (BANJAN)
The Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India (OEHNI)